Best Seattle Blogs to Bookmark

I love Seattle! I’m a California transplant who’s been in the lovely Pacific Northwest for almost 7 years now and I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. I love the people, the food, the sites and (yes) the weather! And among my collection of bookmarked blogs and RSS feeds in my Reader, there were a few that are written by fellow Seattlites, some of my favorites, in fact! So I set out to find some more blogs about town and this post will show off some of the gems in Seattle blogginess.

The Anti 9 to 5 Guide:

Practical Career Advice for Women who Think Outside the Cubicle

Anti 9 to 5 Guide

From the Seattle author of the book by the same name, Michelle Goodman’s blog touches on a little bit of everything that comes along with working for yourself. Tax info, money matters, client relations, plus profiles and interviews of other women making their mark in the freelance world, this is a resource for any woman thinking of getting out and making her own footprint in the industry!

Curious Office:

A Seattle- based seed stage investment & technology development organization

Curious Office

Seems like an unlikely source, but this investment firm that funds software startups has a pretty entertaining blog, full of tech news and some chuckles. This is a very new blog (dating back less than a month) but I hope it stays around, to give more posts from this business savvy Apple-fan nerd.

Daily Candy:

Seattle Culture

Daily Candy Seattle

A resource for where to find the hip stuff in this city be in clothing, food, music. Daily Candy also has editions is 11 other U.S. Cities, plus a special site for Travel! *Bonus Points to Daily Candy for the super illustrations!

Seattle Freelance Copywriting Blog:

Copywriting, SEO, and all Things Freelance

Seattle Freelance Copywriting Blog

Not just for copywriters! While this blog does give much advice for the freelance writing community, i think any of you self-employed out there could learn a thing or two from these well informed posts on marketing yourself with words, networking and more.

Jackson Fish Market

Jackson Fish Market

From the software developers who’ve made They’re Beautiful (virtual flower arrangement and delivery) and Invitastic (which I do prefer over E-vite!) Jackson Fish covers software, advertising and business issues and is very well written.

JuneBug: Wedding Blog:

June Bug Wedding

No! I’m NOT getting married, but I do know a good blog when I see one. This could be the perfect resource for anyone trying to plan their own wedding (or any of you freelance event planners who are on the hunt for tips!) This blog covers, hair, makeup, fashion and pretty much anything pretty you can possibly think of! Even if your not getting married anytime soon (or ever) this is a fun blog if you love well designed items, pretty colors and fanciness, all of which I do. (get it? I do.)


Seattle Street Fashion

Pike/Pine: Seattle Street Fashion

Check out how cute we all are in Seattle! Pike/Pine features jet city folk with style. Check it out for ideas on how to look like the cool kids, or just to try and spot someone you know!

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