BizJamSeattle08: Top 5 Quotes from Day One

BizJam Seattle 2008Spent 6+ hours today at BizJam Seattle ’08. I plan to put together a more comprehensive post on some of the things I learned from the lectures, but for now I will leave you with some small bite/byte sized bits from the first day of BizJamSeattle08.

“I measure business success on how much sleep I get”Dan McComb

“I very rarely wear pants.”DL Byron

“Live your brand.”DL Byron

“The longer online arguments go on, the more likely it is that Hitler or Nazi’s will be mentioned”Eric Weaver

“It’s about content and people, not tech”Geoffrey Grosenbach

But I have to admit, the word of today was definitely “twitter”, I wish I would’ve kept a tally on how many times it was said — almost comical. Wasn’t it? (

What did I miss? If you were there let me know the quotes you remembered from Day One.