Top Food Sharing Sites: Recipes & Restaurant

For recipe sharing, Tasty Planner wins, hands down! I looked at about 20 different sites aimed to make publishing and sharing your recipes online easy and fun. Most of them were difficult to figure out, frustrating to use and buggy. Tasty Planner is very easy to use, take their online tour and get all the ins and out of the site before jumping on board! The home page gives you instant point and click access to popular recipes of the day, user cookbooks, and your personal recipe management tools including an integrated shopping list (which syncs up to your iPhone for quick mobile access), meal planning calendar (which syncs up to iCal) and the recipe widget that keeps you updated on the latest goodies added to Tasty Planner so you don’t miss a tasty bite!

Tasty Planner

Have you ever been to a restaurant that has photos of their food on the menu? You see this a lot at fast food joints and I’ve also seen it at Asian restaurants, where patrons may have a difficult time pronouncing the names of dishes. Well The Biggest Menu takes this idea to the web, and allows users to share photos of their food from restaurants and home kitchens all over the world. It’s Flickr for your taste buds!

Biggest Menu

So if Biggest Menu is the Foodies Flickr, Clip Chef is the YouTube! People in their kitchen can come straight to your kitchen and teach you their specialty dishes. Have you got some killer recipes to share with the world? Make a video and upload, be the star of your own cooking show! This user interface is very similar to YouTube, so you can easily get to watching and sharing videos in no time.

Clip Chef

Still the best restaurant review social networking site. Yelp is very helpful when you’re looking for a restaurant, you can get reviews from real people. Find a user that likes the same places you do? Add them as a friend and get updates each time they review another restaurant.


Post a recipe – users vote on it – the top voted recipes move to the front page each day. If you’re looking for something in particular you can search the whole site, or follow users with recipes you like. Open Source Food doesn’t have all the cool app synchronizing and meal planners that Tasty Planner does, but it does have a pretty cool community of people who love to eat!

Open Source Food


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