7 Gifts for the Design Nerd in your Life


  1. I love the coffee table and the hex code tee!! Nice gifts!!

  2. I am sending this list to my husband, mother, and friends! I’d definitely want the CMYK shirt and the Kern jacket. I wonder if there’s a pantone color that matches the color of dark coffee…

  3. @corinne check this out! it was bumped off the list cause i already had 2 items from Veer.

  4. Thank you! Love these. I was doing a similar post for Christmas, but you’ve stolen a few! Hehehe. Really, though, fantastic gifts. :)

  5. Reese says:

    All these gifts are just fantastic!!

  6. The pantone mug is an insta-classic. Great list!

    Stumbled this for you:

  7. That kern zip-up is sexy. I want!

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