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It’s that time of year, where everyone takes a moment to look back at the past year and give some thanks for the things that made life a little bit better. I opened the discussion on Twitter (follow me) “Designers/Developers, what are you thankful for?” and here’s what I got!

Alex Obenauer, Web Developer: Discotank

“I am ridiculously thankful for CodeIgniter. This weekend, I started writing a full blown web app and finished by the end of the weekend. I deployed it just 3 days after starting it.”

Niki Brown, Web Designer/Developer & Blogger: Design-O-Blog

“I’m thankful for Basecamp because it helps me keep things organized!”

Fred McCoy, Designer & Blogger: Creative Fluff Design Blog

SeoMoz for constantly providing accurate, up to date, and relevant information on ethical Search Engine Optimization practices.”

Martin McClellan, Designer & Developer: TrademarkGS

“I can’t name the number of times I’ve been trying to solve a technology / functionality problem and found the answer on Ajaxian. Their content is great, updated often, and nearly always has links to cool stuff before anybody else does.”

Kitty, Designer & Blogger: Design\

CodeLine‘s apps, I got Art Directors Toolkit (app that helps you with Blends, Swatch, even Symbol, Scales and Layouts) preinstalled on my old 15″ PowerBook and now that I upgraded earlier this year to a 15″ MacBook Pro, I bought a bundle, that not only had that but also Art Files (helps you preflight and package Illustrator Documents just like InDesign would) and SneakPeek Pro, a Leopard Quick Look plugin for Illustrator, InDesign, Freehand and EPS files. Later on I bought Color Expert for the iPhone, to have the pantone color books everywhere I go.”

redehlert, Illustrator: Cognition Studio

“Definitely a Wacom tablet + stylus. Can’t imagine illustrating something with a mouse.”

Pat Arlt, Design Student & Blogger: Upside Down City

Firebug and Wacom Tablet 6×11 Intuos3!”

Chad Behnke, Designer: Steam Powered Design

Coda – Sleek, one-window interface, tons of great features, my support experience was good, and when you open it, it just makes you say, ‘Oh yeah, I’m ready to make some websites!’”

Bob Pease, Web Designer & Blogger: BPease Design

Adobe Kulers. I downloaded the desktop file and I use it all the time to help with color schemes for projects.”

Shanna Korby, Web Designer: Korby Imagery

“Cell phone, laptop, coffee shop. In that order. I work out of my home and this is how and where most of my client meetings take place.”

Calvin Lee, Designer: Mayhem Studios

“I have to say Twitter. When I first signup. I didn’t know what Twitter can really do. It has been a great resource for networking, marketing, promotion, friendships, links, inspiration and leads.

As a result, I have contributing to few dozen blogs and profiled on websites. Twitter is the mother load of all self-promotion.”

Liz Andrade, Web Designer/Developer & Blogger: CMD+Shift Design

Both Twitter and my Waccom tablet were on my list, but since Calvin and Dave beat me to the punch on those ones — I’m going to say,  Linotype Font Xplorer, you are so much better than Suitcase! Me and my fonts really appreciate you!


  1. Hey Liz!

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come back to this post – I’ve already implemented several of the tools on here and have bookmarked it for easy reference. Thanks so much to you and to your contributors!

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