November 2008 Wrap-up

November found itself to be a voyeuristic month, as I participated in a blog post called “Show me your dock” (DesignOBlog) and one called “Your Mug Shots.” (darren jones)

This month — I was really excited when I opened my RSS Reader one afternoon to find that my post was a featured story on, one of my favorite blogs! Brought to you by Steven Snell, the creator of another fav blog, Vandely Design Blog.

I have prepared my holiday cards to send out to clients, a simple postcard for my first year in business (printed at If you’re a freelancer and you haven’t made plans for your holiday send outs, get movin’!

December 2008 Desktop Wallpaper

Inspired by some of the great feedback I got from my buddies on Twitter (follow me) about the Candy Cane design, I created this desktop calendar background for Smashing Magazine. Go here to download various resolutions.


  1. Cool wrap up!
    Really diggin the Christmas Cards, and the desktop calendar… great stuff!

  2. LinaM says:


    Liz, the desktop calendar, didn’t open!!
    I think the wallpaper es beatiful but the link it’s broken

  3. @Lina Thanks for bringing that to my attention, the links back up now!

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