Top 13 VOTE Posters: Don't Forget to VOTE

The day has finally come, tomorrow is election day here in the good ‘ol United States, and if you haven’t done it already – it’s time to go vote. If you’re unsure on what polling place to go to, check your voter registration card – or go to and just enter your address.

So while we wait patiently (or not so patiently) to hear who the next Big Cheese will be, I thought I’d share some of my favorite entries for the AIGA 2008: Get Out and Vote. From a collection of over 300 designs from designers all over this great country, I have my Top 13.

Voting Booth, Kayla Aucoin (AIGA Rhode Island)

Vote With Your Heart, Karen Kurycki (AIGA Jacksonville)

Vote With Your Brain, Karen Kurycki (AIGA Jacksonville)

Make Your Mark, Alex Valderrama (AIGA Colorado)

There’s A Lot to Care About, Chen Design Associates (AIGA San Francisco)

Take Time To Vote, Drew Walker (AIGA New Hampshire)

Spec Your Color, Kenneth Peters (AIGA Arizona)

Mix and Fix, Volume, Inc. (San Francisco)

Let’s Vote, Mitzie Testani (AIGA Philadelphia)

Why Vote?, Jeff Bucholtz (AIGA San Francisco)

Eye Chart, Elice Laughner (AIGA Boston)

Cause & Effect, Jennie A. Myers (AIGA Idaho)

American Hero, Rangga Putra, Marvel (Beverly Hills)