My 2009 Resolutions

At the Office…

  1. blog more often and better
  2. track work time religiously
  3. plan a business budget for 2009
  4. pursue more blog design work
  5. pursue more e-marketing campaign work
  6. drink more water
  7. complete a 365 photo project
  8. do something fun with video
  9. finish my website revamp
  10. set aside a weekly time for book keeping and stick with it

At Home…

  1. make more time for myself out side of the office
  2. get out and walk more
  3. be a better kitteh-momma
  4. plan a vacation
  5. drink less alcohol
  6. get rid of things i don’t use
  7. spend more time with my grlfriends
  8. spend more time with my parents
  9. cook more
  10. keep a more tidy home

What are some of your resolutions/plans/goals for 2009, at home or in the office?

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  1. i have a few of the same that you have: blog more, set aside time for book keeping, walk more.

    i think those are the only ones i really have though because i don’t like resolutions. i feel incomplete at the end of the year if i didn’t complete them. i like settings them as “goals” instead so when i finish them i’m happy but if i didn’t i can keep trying.

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