December 2008 Wrap Up

I’ve made it through my first holiday season as a freelancer! I spent most of November working like a madwoman and expected that to continue through the end of ’08 – but apparently all my clients have gone into Holiday hibernation – leaving me on pause with projects till next year (which is mere hours away now.) As much as downtime tends to stress me out, it’s been nice. I was able to enjoy time with my family, play in the Seattle snow, put together a new Freelance Tip and do some in-house preparation for a whole new year.

So this month, with little client work crossing my desk – I’ve had time to do things like answer random questions on Twitter! When @nebrow asked “Question: Illustrator Convert Anchor Point Shortcut?” I was able to help out and from this a new DesignOBlog Quicktip was born…

I was also interviewed by DesignOBlog, which was a lot of fun! I think in the coming weeks I’m going to work on getting some designers, bloggers and freelancers to do interviews with me for the CMD+Shift Design blog. You can check out 10 Questions with Liz From CMD+Shift+Design here.

Lastly, my blog was also listed on Sprye’s 160+ RSS Feeds For Web-Designers And Developers – It’s a huge list featuring some top-notch blogs, I am pretty stoked to be included in such a great list of blogs! If you’re on the look out for some new reading material for the new year, this list is a must read!

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