More Gifts for the Design Nerd and Internet Geek in your life

I covered some gift ideas back in October, in the post 7 Gifts for the Design Nerd in your Life. We’ll it’s the time of year for so many gift-giving holidays, that I thought i’d share a few more idea with you.

Comma Sutra T-Shirt

comma sutra

Who this gift is for? Any design or grammar nerd should appreciate this t-shirt, available for just $15 at  Sack Wear.

Digg Messenger Bag

digg opener

Available on the newly launched Digg Shop, this messenger bag made by Timbuk2 contains a built-in cushioned laptop pocket for laptops up to 15″.

My Documents Laptop Sleeve

laptop sleeve

This neoprene laptop sleeve fits any notebook up to 15.4″, get one for yourself or someone you love at Think Geek.

Helvetica Coffee Mug

helvetica cup

This mug, available at Veer shows off your love for coffee and typography.

Keyboard Purse

computer key purse

Available from João Sabino, the Key Purse comes in various colors and runs about $178.

Seth Godin Action Figure

seth godin

Seth Godin, the man who brought us permissions marketing, now has his very own action figure from Amazon, only $6.99!

LOL Cat Refrigerator Magnets

lol cat magnets

Remember refrigerator poetry that was so popular back in the 90’s? We’ll now we have LOL Cat magnets!

Lorem Ipsum Necktie

lorem ipsum necktie

This is without a doubt, the sexiest tie I have ever seen in life. Perfect gift for anyone who loves typography… or if you’re sweet on someone who does and you want to look extra special this holiday season just for them, get this tie from Etsy.

Binary Ring

binary ring

These sophisticated, yet simple rings bear your personalized message in that computer code. Custom-made by Green Karat.

USB Mixed Tape

usb mix tape

Create a compilations of all your favorite music, to share with your friends and loved ones, just like those good old fashioned blank cassette tapes. With 64MB of music –  it’s just about enough for an hour-long mix! $19.99 at

Pixel Tools T-Shirt

pixel tools tshirt

For that illustrator in your life. $19 at Insanely Great Tees.

Login Panties

login panties

These boy style pantes require a username and password for access, so be sure to gift these to your nearest and dearest. Available at JINX.

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