Where do You Begin When Designing for the Web?

When you start into the design phase of a website, where do you begin? It seems like the first impulse is to start with the homepage, but I try to work backwards from an interior page. This practice comes from my past experience in print design where often working on multi-page pieces – using the interior design as inspiration for the cover was always a tried and true practice. A colleague once phrased it, “you wouldn’t design the book cover before reading the book, would you?”

However, even in my own personal process, there is always bending in the rules. Today I have been working on a new project and went back and forth between working on an interior layout and a homepage layout as I thought about the way the site would be used and perceived by the visitor.

This made me curious of how some of you work – so i posted the question to Twitter, and got some interesting answers.

when web designing - do you start with the homepage, a content heavy page or do you design seperate elements?

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  1. I love the way this post has compiled using tweets :) As to the question at hand I’d start with the main page and then develop the sub pages off that.

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