Michelob Ultra Packaging FAIL!

Made this short video about some poor packaging design on part of Michelob Beer.

Have you seen packaging that fails in its messaging?

+ I just want to say this isn’t hate for Michelob! I’ve enjoyed your beer in the past — this is just a design thing.


  1. I would assume that the package design probably went through testing.
    Perhaps Michelob found that people did not want to impulse buy ‘low carb’ beer.

    If you are going to the store to purposefully buy their low carb beer, you know what you are looking for and ULTRA is certainly pronounced.

    And yeah, what I said before about the impulse buying….

  2. Great observation. Hopefully Michelob is listening.

    I got to your site randomly, and I only live ten minutes from Queen Anne. Want to grab a REAL drink? ;-)

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