March 2009 Wrap Up

We are now a quarter of the way through 2009, can you belive it? I’ve been super busy lately, but am clinging to my commitment to do AT LEAST one new post a week and so far I’ve been true to that. Just want to take this chance to thank you loyal readers, commenters and tweeters – you’re all awesome!

Featured On…

Since the completed site redesign just a month ago now,  the CMD+Shift Design Blog was featured on CSSMania. This site is a great resource to check out new site designs, see what your fellow web designers are doing and get inspiration for the projects you have in the pipeline.

I released a WordPress theme called Simple Changes last month, which was listed in as a New WordPress Themes That Will Rock Your Personal Blog, pretty snazzy. If any of you are using Simple Changes on your site, I’d love to see it – leave a comment with a link or @cmdshiftdesign me on Twitter. If you haven’t seen the theme, you can demo and download it here – be sure to check out the “read me” file the comes with the theme for an easy installation experience. I also have another theme in the works, this one is designed to be paired with the “Yet Another Photoblog” plugin for use as a Portfolio site or Photoblog. I’m hoping to get this project wrapped up and out to you before the end of spring, but I’m so super busy, it may be sometime this summer… but you WILL have a new theme from me soon! :) Wanna help me out and afford me some extra time to work on my theme? You can do so by stocking up on some nerdy schwag from my Cafe Press shop.

I was especially flattered this month when I found myself on a list of Influential Female Designers, a post put together by Antonea at Velvet Ant. Check out some of the ladies featured on the list with me and follow @antonea on Twitter.

Featured Freelancers Interviews in March

Michelle Goodman: Author of ”My So-Called Freelance Life” and “The Anti 9-to-5 Guide.” Michelle also writes for various publications about employment and her life as a free-agent.

Krissy Gogel: Web Designer & Developer, Krissy tells all about her early days of ASCII and ANSI art and her advice on those looking to start freelancing.

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