Authentic Personal Brands for Nerds

I notice in all different types of niches these days, people are embracing the things they are most nerdy about and advertising their nerdisms as part of their own personal brand.

Are you a crazy cat lady (like me)? An internet junkie? Are you a collector? An aficionado? What is YOUR nerdism and how do you use it as part of your authentic personal brand?

Share with us and be part of an upcoming CMD+Shift Design post!


  1. I am not a cat lady no but I think kittens are so adorable. Definitely an internet junkie! Imaginary collector sometimes an aficionado.

    I like your blog, another girl designer that’s great. :)

  2. I have been thinking about the whole market yourself as a geek thing . It makes sense really. People are hiring you because you are smart and inspired and knowledgeable.

    You also need to represent yourself as personable yet professional. You also need to prove that you can translate tech-speak to regular language without appearing condescending. This are almost be more important.

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