Facebook Friends > Fans

A while back I set up a Facebook Fan Page to stay connected on Facebook with some of you from the design/dev community, fellow freelancers, clients, internet nerd friends… but I just couldn’t get into the groove with the Fan page thing. All that is so fun about Facebook is the give and take of it and my Fan page only really allowed me to push stuff out without really participating with all of YOU.

Let’s be honest, you’re not Fans – you’re Friends. So I just abandoned the whole Fan Page idea and set up facebook.com/cmdshiftdesign, come be my FBF (Facebook Friend!) :)


  1. I was at the Dallas WordCamp over the summer and got to hear Cali Lewis, of GeekBrief.tv, speak about online community. She said the same thing about not having “fans” but having “friends”. And I love that way of thinking.

    I just set up my own “Steed” fan page yesterday as a sort of experiment to see what kind of traction I get. There seems to be an endless number of possibilities of how you could use it.

  2. It’s true. Fan pages can be fun with people who are interested in something communicating about it in a centralized place … like people who are fans of LOLCats or… Kevin Bacon. It just didn’t work for what I wanted cause I’m not necessarily looking to Facebook just to push out content about me. Looking to it as another tool to connect with others in the community – so i’m pretty jazzed.

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