I Love My Clients, Why Don’t You?

This is a video response to the Friday VidCast by Aaron at This Is Aarons Life about how you communicate with your client! It’s also related to another video that was posted today by Danny on the Outlaw Design Blog.

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  1. Liz!
    Great Vid! some really good perspective, thanks for taking the time to record a vid and providing valuable in put on the topic… Keep bringin’ the Awesome!

  2. Liz! I stronly agree, but I think this is a communication problem that good product literature (in print or on the website) should be the lead in. We believe your website should do most of the talking and babysitting not you.

    1. Luke, I respect your opinion and do appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment – but I don’t view the relations I have with my clients as “babysitting” and it’s something that I thrive on, not looking to pawn off. Having *real* investment in my client business is what makes CMD+Shift Design different from a larger more impersonal automated firm.

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