Rush Project Video Diary: Day #2

It’s day 2 of my RUSH project video diary. I put in a 12 hour day yesterday and had a minor disaster this morning when my alarm failed to go off. I read through yesterdays comments and talk about clients who drag their feet and the benefits of bare-bones WordPress theme templates. Check out this round-up of low-style themes that can give you a jump start on theme development here.

My RUSH project tip for today: Set 2 alarms!


Here is the Lorem Ipsum WordPress template I mentioned – Import this .XML file into any clean install of WordPress and you’ll have a collection of placeholder posts, pages, categories and tags to help you get a kick start on styling all the text elements that a blog will need!

You can see what these placeholder posts look like if you visit the demo version of the FREE WordPress theme I released earlier this year called Simple Changes.


  1. I used Elliot Jay Stocks’ Starkers Theme for the first couple of WordPress sites I worked on, but I’ve switched over to using Thematic these days (Thematic Gallery shows how versatile the theme framework can be).

    I think I’m going to give Hybrid a try next, and then decide whether I want to really focus on familiarizing myself with Hybrid or Thematic. Justin Tadlock, who created Hybrid, has some great and powerful plugins (definitely worth checking out), so I think Hybrid will be great too.

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