Rush Project Video Diary: Day #1

Just got home from vacation late last night and I am starting a RUSH project! Follow me over the next 7 days as I race to finish a blog theme design and development!

Day #1:

Client supplied me with all the necessary pieces needed to get a running start, client meeting was this morning and from now till 11am tomorrow I am getting the design together!

My RUSH project tip for today: Get feedback sooner than later when time is tight!


  1. I think it’s a good thing you are taking feedback as you go as opposed to finishing and then making changes. It makes for a smoother chaos along the way..

    Have fun!

  2. totally!!! I think it was 4 back-and-forths today, but everything is pretty much laid now, tomorrow morning I focus on laying out the comment form and posts, and then I can start preparing to slice and code!!!

  3. This will be fun to watch & learn from your process. Thanks for sharing! I just finished a rush job last night, very similar to your timeline. An entire WordPress site up and running in 1 week. Logo design took a day of back & forth, then I lucked out on the site mockup & the client took my first design with almost no revisions! Now the site is finished but the client has yet to provide copy/content! Gotta love it.

    One question for you: In order to get it done on time I used an existing WP Theme and customized/modified it to fit the client’s specific needs. This saved me a ton of time, but I almost felt like I was “cheating” a bit. What are your thoughts on this?

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