CoCo's Valuable Advice: Work Hard, Be Kind and Amazing Things Will Happen

Obviously, this blog doesn’t cover pop culture news or anything like that, but the recent Conan O Brien V Jay Leno hoopla has really been something I have GOT TO talk about.

Over the last couple weeks, we all experienced what has now been coined “the Late Night Wars,” it was a whirlwind of drama that sparked a large response from Conan fans on and offline all over the world.

As I watched hashtags on Twitter like #TeamConan pop up and the “I’m with CoCo!” proclamations in Facebook status updates I realized how our experience of this is something that was impossible just a short time ago.

The internets evolution and the stage of social platforms at this moment in time has made community formations like Team Conan a reality that wouldn’t have occurred on such a large scale level if this “war” had occurred just a few short years ago. How awesome is THAT!?!

On top of this uprising of internet support that came out for Conan O’Brien, something else that really stuck with me has been O’Briens reaction to the whole thing. All joking aside, Conan’s final words on his last show that aired this past Friday, January 22nd were so honest, humbled and gracious. Conan really showed what it is to love your audience. Conan has a community around him of millions and yet he constantly seems amazed by their devotion. He’s been a shinning example of being transparent, having true passion for your work and  embracing your community.

Conan really summed this up in his final word on Friday night, where he gave great thanks to NBC for the 20+ year career he has had with them. His voiced wavered a bit and it brought a tear to my eye when he talked of how his fans have made this unfortunate situation a celebration…   and then sent out a special message to the young people in his audience,

If you work really hard and are kind, amazing things will happen.

What perfect words to end on, they’re so true — and I am going to have to add this quote from Conan in my arsenal of inspiration. I know this is a little bit unconventional for me to be writing about, but it’s been on my mind and I’d love to hear all of your thoughts on the whole thing!


  1. I also watched that… and had the same thoughts… great honesty and transparency in the midst of a cruddy situation.

    It seems as though he hasn’t lost the appreciation for those who have supported him for so long.

    We cant control everything that happens to us… but we can control how we respond.

  2. I watched the show yesterday afternoon and that line struck me too, that and what he said about not being cynical. His inner nice guy has really shined through the last few weeks and I admire him that much more for it.

  3. Yes. I love that part about working hard. But I think the part about not being cynical is far greater. And those two can obviously go hand in hand. But I read this article earlier called Why are you so terribly disappointed and it tell of the sad truth about our country. And if we’re not careful with how we respond in times of crisis we will only cause the future generations to be even more cynical then we are.

  4. Absolutely, be nice and people will enjoy you and your company. Work hard and people will notice you for your devotion to learning, growing, and developing both as a person and a worker. ;)

    I’m a little late to the party, but felt like commenting.

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