Web Hosting Woes: Another Chapter

Well, if you follow me on Twitter or caught last weeks post, Web Hosting Woes: A Letter to my Readers and Network Solutions you know all about the headaches I have been enduring with the security issues my web host has had lately.

As I said, I’ve given Network Solutions chances to step it up on security again and again – and in the multipile times I have had my site hacked they have historically been unwilling to do much to help me. Well last week, they finally put forth some real effort on solving the problem! It seems that the issues finally started effecting a lot of their users and they were speaking up — so after many updates over the week, they tell me today that all the security issues have been isolated and resolved.

I hope this is true, but I am still very skeptical. On Wednesday morning, I pretty much resolved to leaving them because I just COULD NOT loose anymore business because of these security issues and I was so tired of not getting any help. Even though I am payed up with them through 2011 and would end up loosing $200+ dollars if I jump ship now (yep, they told me they will not refund my unused months of service!) – that’s a small price to pay to not have my site hacked every 6 weeks!

So as of now, I’m thinking I’ll stick with them and see how things go, I’m keeping a close eye on my site everyday for any funny business, if the scurity is lapsed on their servers again – I am gone!

Thank you to all of you who have been so helpful to me during this week – offering support, advice, referrals to new hosting, etc.

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