What makes a good Ebook?

Hello everyone! I started this wild idea that got into my head near the end of 2009 — to take the last 2+ years of blog posts that I have written about the lessons I’ve learned on my freelance journey and compile, edit and expand on them to create a comprehensive ebook that can help any new freelancers make the leap, or get some conversations started between seasoned independents.

So far I have only had a few hours to dedicate to the project, started out by corralling all my freelance related posts and am now working on going over the content from each and trying to see how I can organize it all into something that works in a book format. This is already proving to be a BIG project, and a little overwhelming, but I really want to do it! I’m reaching out to all of you to maybe give me some direction. Is there any content you feel like I haven’t touched on in the blog yet that I should cover? Do you think this is a ridiculous idea? Any title ideas? :)

I love you all and am excited to hear any ideas you want to throw out at me! Leave a comment, @cmdshiftdesign me on Twitter or email me, (info at cmdshiftdesign dot com!)


  1. It’s not a ridiculous idea at all unless it’s free.
    The name of your book can be CMD + SHIFT FREELANCE.

    Your going to get a lot of crybabies telling you not to turn your old blog posts into a book.

    Send problogger a tweet and ask him the name of the book on creating a successful ebook.

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks Rob for the encouraging words! :)

    I was thinking of making it a low price, but not exactly free – maybe $5/$8 dollars?

    Also, it will draw a lot from the 2+ years of archived posts – that could be read for FREE off the blog still, but I will also be adding in all new material that will only be in the ebook. Anyone who enjoys the blog would still be able to get some extras for supporting the ebook, but someone who is new to the site or who doesn’t want to dig though the archives can get everything in one place!

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