My Home Office, For Reals

I saw this post from Freelance Switch come into my Reader this weekend called “Real Home Offices from FreelanceSwitch Readers” – cool to see, but I am surely NOT this tidy! I’m sure many of these people snapped the shot after they cleaned up their work areas… I mean, no one wants to look like a slob! I’m totally not a slob, but I had a busy end of week last week and this Monday was just as bad – so this is what my REAL HOME OFFICE looks like today…

My office today, for reals.


  1. Oh man, I want that mug and Pantone booklet…oh and laptop. I try to keep my workspace tidy because I’m kind of a neat freak. Before I had my own office space, my desk was out in my living room and was kind of a catch-all for my keys, my girlfriends keys, cell phones, our cats and whatever else. Now I have more space to file old bills, stray pens and papers away. Thanks for sharing! I love seeing other designers workspaces, and yeah I’m sure many of the ones on that FreelanceSwitch post where photographed right after a good cleaning.

    1. Im about to clean up my desk! Maybe ill post an “after” picture :) LOL.

      I made the mug at Cafepress… the laptop was the new upgrade this spring, LOVE IT! ..My precious.

  2. Sure is messy woman (thinks of all the men are slobs jokes xD). =P

    It’s OK, nobody’s place is constantly in a tidy presence. Takes hard work to keep it that way….

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