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I’ve neglected this blog for a while now… and I really have no excuse. Sure, I am busy with client work — but there has been plenty of times where I was really busy and I still managed to keep active on the blog! Last fall I had a crazy rushed project and I not only balanced the huge load of work with a steady blogging schedule, I turned the process into a whole series!

I think part of what has made me loose momentum with the blog is that I feel like I’m almost tapped out of subjects to cover! (I’m sure this isn’t true, but it feels true) If you haven’t been following the CMD+Shift Design blog over the last 2 and a half years, check out the archives on Freelancing— I think there are some real gems about freelancing here!

Today I was thinking about what the blog has been in the past ( a sort of freelancers guide) and how part of what discourages me is some of the BIG boy freelance blogs have multiple writers and huge communities that I just can’t match… and I don’t want to honestly…

This blog has never really been something that I aimed to be a or — I’ve always through of it more as being about just one woman’s experience in being a freelancer, small business owner, entrepreneur….  and one woman web design studio! I share what I learn and what I think and hopefully it may help out some of those freelancers just starting out or be a resource for those who are experiencing the same things that I am in their small business. So… on this note, I am going to make a commitment to reclaim this blog and let it be what it is, and I’m starting this process by stating that I will start to do one blog post a week (usually on Friday – i think) where I just talk about some of the stuff going on in my business… stuff I am learning, stuff I need to learn, stuff I am thinking about, worrying about etc.

So… here we go!

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  1. To be honest, one of the reasons I like your blog is BECAUSE it is not a part of a larger network. I want to read your perspective, your experiences. There are plenty of larger blogging networks (which are great), and I’ll read those too, but I want to hear direct from the cat lady’s mouth.

  2. I agree with kevin (who hello btw… wheres your gravatar dude?)

    I want to hear about you running your biz, dealing with clients, biz stuff etc. I can tell its just you on your blog and thats what I like.

    PS Garamond says hi :)

  3. Yes, I second what Kevin and Niki both say. I love this blog — I find your situational writing and advice relatable, interesting, and witty. Keep it up and we will follow!

  4. I often prefer your posts over those I find on the larger freelance blogs. Your posts often seem more personal, fresh, original, real and interesting. The posts on the larger freelance blogs can sometimes contain a lot of fluff and common sense advice that you don’t really need. Those posts are written for money and can seem forced, whereas your posts seem to contain more real-world perspective and practical advice.

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