Custom Couple Portraits for Unique Wedding Announcements

After doing an illustration of my bestie for the Facebook Event for her her backyard Chili Potluck, I posted this to Flickr and got a bunch of friends and clients excited about getting their own custom illustration.

I did some research and talked with a number of illustrators who do custom portraits and sell them via Etsy. Of course couple portraits for wedding announcements are an in demand niche on the site, so I put together a few examples and opened up shop!

Custom Drawn Wedding Announcement

If you or a loved one is looking for a hand drawn custom drawn portrait for thier upcoming marriage celebration, you can find my designs/drawings on Etsy here. Or if you are interested in doing something even more custom tailored with me, shoot me a message via the contact form on the homepage.

One Response to Custom Couple Portraits for Unique Wedding Announcements

  1. Abel says:

    You’ve got a new customer now! I absolutely love Etsy and knowing my money goes straight to an artist when I buy images and logos and such. Heading to your shop now!

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