Rush Project Video Diary: Day #8 (Final Video)

It’s Day #8! Today was supposed to be our launch, but things have been pushed back to tomorrow morning. My end of the work is done, so I’m really just waiting now so that I can finally talk about what it is that my client is doing, cause it’s pretty bad ass!

I had some questions via email today for more details on my process – so I thought I’d take you through what I do. It’s all about managing the project and staying in clear communication with your client.

Since my work really is done now, today is going to be the last day for this video series! Thank you to all of you who have been following along with me on this ride, thank you to any of you who commented, emailed or tweeted about the videos! It’s been fun sharing my experience with you, hear your feedback and getting such warm encouragement from many of you! You have really made the last 8 days awesome! Thank you!

Rush Project Video Diary: Day #7

It is day #7! Recorded this video this afternoon – trying to pump things up a bit today, I think the last couple videos have been slowing dowwwnnn.. SO – Today I talk about best practices when rushing a job. Honesty is always the best policy! Let your other clients know what is going on and give your client reasonable expectations for their fast turnaround!

Rush Project Tip of the day: Clients don’t want “YES”, they want honestly!

+ News in after video was made today – the launch had to be pushed to Thursday because of a PR issue – so we got another day people, HANG ON! :)

Rush Project Video Diary: Day #6

It’s Day #6, I think my lack of sleep is making me boring? LOL. Anyway, today it’s been all about polishing up the theme, making sure nothing is overlooked. When you’re designing a blog theme, you have to think about not only the information that will be on the site when it is launched, but the information that might be added down the road, the various elements that will need to be styled – just incase they are ever used.

Rush Project Tip of the day: Designing for web means designing with evolution in mind.