Hand Drawn Typography at Refresh Seattle

Refresh Seattle – February 2014 First off, what is Refresh? According to their website… Refresh Seattle is a community of designers and developers working to refresh the creative, technical, and professional culture of New Media endeavors in the Seattle/Puget Sound area. Promoting design, technology, usability, and standards, Refresh Seattle is a part of Refresh and… Continue reading Hand Drawn Typography at Refresh Seattle

Caricatures by Ricardo Gimenes

We’re working on redesigning the Pagebreak Podcast website and decided to get some caricatures of us made by Ricardo Gimenes.Check ’em out! We’re SO CUTE!

Karaoke Jams: February 2012

Last month I decided to post a monthly log of my Thursday night Karaoke hijinks. January was much more active, you can check out that post for last months song list (which included some obscure cuts from Babes in Toyland, Dokken, and Peaches.) Only made it out once this month! It was the Thursday before… Continue reading Karaoke Jams: February 2012