Karaoke Jams: February 2012

Last month I decided to post a monthly log of my Thursday night Karaoke hijinks. January was much more active, you can check out that post for last months song list (which included some obscure cuts from Babes in Toyland, Dokken, and Peaches.) Only made it out once this month! It was the Thursday before Valintine’s Day, we declared the theme ‘Sad Bastard Heartbreak Songs’ — the goal was to make some sad sap at the bar cry into their beer…

Prince – When You Were Mine

An upbeat sound with some more meloncoly lyrics, one of my favorite Prince jams — and i LOVE the Cyndi Lauper version, which is what is linked here since I couldn’t find the original Prince version on YouTube!

Adele – Someone Like You

I’m pretty uneducated when it comes to modern day music hits, i’ll admit. I only downloaded and listened to this song for the first time about an hour before heading out to Karaoke — and it being one of the most utterly heartbreaking songs I’d ever laid ears on — it was the perfect selection for the nights theme. If the lyrics to this one didn’t make anyone cry, my attempt to sing an actual ‘singerly’ song might have! ;)

Karaoke Jams: January 2012

You may or may not already know, that one of my favorite things to do with my friends is go out to sing Karaoke. We’re a group of misfits who award each other more kudos for choosing an obscure song than having noteworthy vocal prowess. The stage of choice is in my old neighborhood at a dark and unassuming pub that acts as sports bar until 9:30 strikes on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday night when Baby Ketten Karaoke takes over and the best karaoke in Seattle happens.

Why is it ‘the best,’? Well — to some roake lovers, this place might be a nightmare — it’s a little unconventional, with the song selection that you won’t find anywhere else — including old punk rock tracks, obscure nerdcore, and all other bits of randomness you have NEVER heard at karaoke. While the more traditional karaoke bar around the corner has a nightly performance of  “Don’t Stop Believing” — Baby Ketten’s nightly anthem has become Danzig’s “Mother”.

Since I’ve shifted my blogs focus in 2012 to being a window into my life outside of the normal day to day of CMD+Shift Design — Karaoke is a big part of that, so each month I will be posting a log of the songs I logged on the Baby Ketten stage.

Babes in Toyland – Sweet 69

Prime example of the crazy unique song selection at BKK! Just added to the catalogue I was the first person in all of Seattle (or maybe anywhere) to rock this one at karaoke.

Dokken – Dream Warriors

Uhh… Nightmare on Elm Street 3 soundtrack, duh!

Hole – Gold Dust Woman

Since most of the Hole songs in the book are off of ‘Celebrity Skin’ (gag) I went for the Fleetwood Mac cover of theirs off The Crow 2 Soundtrack.

Le Tigre – Deceptacon

My favorite Le Tigre song! Only Kathleen Hanna can work the word ‘depoliticize’ into a dance number.

Metric – Combat Baby

The Canadaian band behind the ficticious Canadian Band, Clash At Demonhead from the Scott Pilgrim movie.

Peaches – Fuck The Pain Away

Another good dance song, but if you don’t have head phones — skip listening to this one in the office. As the title would suggest, the F-bomb gets dropped (along with the word, ”titties’.)

Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam

My buddy and I closed the place out one night with this one — a total train wreck, but the bartender wanted to hear this song and we were the people left in the crowd who #1 were not too drunk to sing and #2 were OK with making complete asses of ourselves.

Got out every Thursday this month! If you live in Seattle and wanna join me and my roake crew some night, @cmdshiftdesign me on Twitter! Let’s sing!

Kickin' Balls for Cash!

Update on my last post — Sunday was Dirty Fall Quickball 2011 and guess whose team walked away with the tournament championship trophy and raised a bunch of money for the Reateaching Gender & Sexuality Tour?!?!?!? :)

Seattle Quickball 2011 Tournament WINNERS!

Had a lot of fun playing kickball with so many awesome people, can’t wait till next year!

To learn more about the Reateaching Gender & Sexuality Tour, visit and learn how you can help out.