Custom Couple Portraits for Unique Wedding Announcements

After doing an illustration of my bestie for the Facebook Event for her her backyard Chili Potluck, I posted this to Flickr and got a bunch of friends and clients excited about getting their own custom illustration.

I did some research and talked with a number of illustrators who do custom portraits and sell them via Etsy. Of course couple portraits for wedding announcements are an in demand niche on the site, so I put together a few examples and opened up shop!

Custom Drawn Wedding Announcement

If you or a loved one is looking for a hand drawn custom drawn portrait for thier upcoming marriage celebration, you can find my designs/drawings on Etsy here. Or if you are interested in doing something even more custom tailored with me, shoot me a message via the contact form on the homepage.

Wedding Invitation Design

For-ev-erI haven’t blogged in FOR-EV-ER — so I thought I’d get back in the swing of things and share a couple of the projects I worked on lately. With my background in print design and my client base that includes wedding photographers and planners, it seems only natural that I ended up venturing into Wedding Invitation Designs. Here’s just a little bit about a couple of the projects that warmed my heart over the past year…

Melanie & Thomas’ Backyard Family Wedding in Knoxville, TN.


Melanie and Thomas planned a very intimate gathering including only about 50 of their closest friends and family members (including their adorable pug, Harrison Ford.) The ceremony and celebration was hosted in their close friends backyard in Knoxville, TN.

They came to me wanting a simple invitation that communicated the intimate nature of the event, had a sense of humor and fun to it and was as unique as they are. We utilized a family portrait painted by Knoxville artists Annie Fletcher and created these postcard invitations that set the tone for events celebratory atmosphere!

After the invitations where sent out, I continued work with Thomas and Melanie on Guest Favors, Day-of Program and their wedding website.

 Lindsay & Shannon’s Elegant Seattle Wedding

Lindsay and Shannon met with me months before their spring of 2013 marriage to talk about the theme they had envisioned for their special event. Lindsay talked about the couples love of travel and learning about new cultures. They both talked about Indiana Jones and old maps. Shannon made a reference to a map of Middle Earth. (This nerdy two-some are pretty much my dream clients!) We ended our meeting with Lindsay saying that she loved my work and trusted me to make something that would be perfect for them. This is a lot of pressure, but WOW! What a great thing to hear. I can’t express to these two enough how much their respect and confidence for me and my work means. It surely allowed us to come up with event invitations that are like any others them or their guests had ever seen.


It’s been a lot of fun! I was lucky enough to work with 2 couples who trusted my creativity and allowed me to run with some fun creative ideas and I’d like to do more of that! If you have a wedding or any other special event coming up, or if you know someone who does — and you want totally unique custom-tailored event invitations, you know who to call! :)