Rush Project Video Diary: Day #5

Shit, I look tired in this video… Oh well, It’s day #5!!! The weekend has been way less dramatic… than earlier this week. Today I talk about time-tracking and what it means to your bottom line.

Thanks again to all of you watching, I’ve noticed things quieting down the last couple days and suspect that this could be that all of you are out enjoying your weekend! :) Believe me or not, for all the stress of the past 5 days, I’ve still been having a blast!

Rush Project Tip of the day: High stress at the start of a project is easier to manage than stress near the end of a project!

Rush Project Video Diary: Day #4

It’s day four… things have calmed down a bit as we finish the design phase and move into development!

Today I answer questions about the integrity of design and rush fees.

Rush Project Tip of the day: If you’re giving something extra, make sure your client is giving something extra too!

Rush Project Video Diary: Day #3

It’s Day 3 and I am still here! :)

First and foremost, thank you to all of you who’re following me along on this, it’s been fun sharing the process and I hope that some of this is valuable to some of you! If anything, the hats and do-rags I use to cover my bed head are amusing! :) If you’re interested in hearing stories about crazy work schedules from other freelancers, I have a whole post dedicated to it! Freelancers, You Can Sleep When You’re Dead!

Everyone should check out the WordPress Theme Framework Kyle left a comment about yesterday, called Thematic, download and save this for jump starting your next theme project!

Today I talk about designing for web with weak identity systems. We have all had to do it and sometimes it’s a fun challenge… a similar issue effecting freelance web designers, Coding Designs That Are Not Your Own (namely bad ones.)

Rush Project Tip of the day: Creating good design is more remarkable than sleep.

Oh …and in case you were wondering, YES! I did set 2 alarms last night.