Anatomy Poster

PPGNHAIKPatient Experience / Branding (2019)

The world’s first gender-neutral sexual and reproductive health anatomy poster.


This poster is utilized by hundreds of Planned Parenthood health centers across the United States. When the need for anatomy posters within our health centers and classrooms only turned up gendered solutions that did not affirm our patient’s bodies and experiences, our solution was to craft the world’s first gender-neutral anatomy poster.

This project began with research into the patient experience, talking with clinicians about their current tools and the needs of their patients. We learned what the balance was in order to deliver a medically accurate and informative poster while focusing on keeping things simple and relevant to the patients that we see and the care we deliver.

Gendered labels such as “Male Reproductive System” as seen on other standard industry posters was sun-setted for more accurate and gender-inclusive language like “Penis and Testes.”

We worked with a certified medical illustrator to ensure the highest quality of medical accuracy and clinical staff was involved throughout the process.

With the Planned Parenthood brand and patient experience at the top of mind, the poster aimed to be informative and beautiful, adding to the warm and inviting environment we aim to create in all of our patient rooms.


  • Clinical Team, Planned Parenthood
  • Megan Llewellyn, Certified Medical Illustrator