Pagebreak Podcast


I co-host of the weekly audio podcast called Pagebreak Podcast with Boston Designer, Niki Brown. We began this show in August of 2009 and worked in collaboration to create out logo, business cards and website.

Pagebreak Podcast Business Card
These mini 2″ square business cards mimic the style of our Podcasts show icon in iTunes. (plus they are super cute!)


Pagebreak Podcast Business Card

Our website is fully responsive, meaning the layout adapts to the screen it is being viewed on. The user doesn’t have to zoom in to interact on a phone or tablet, the site just changes to fit the mobile users needs automatically.
We have branded our Facebook page to match in tone to our show and any content that is posted to the sites blog automatically gets posted to Facebook, so that we can have fun interacting with our audience without having to stress over posting content on multiple sites.