Supporter & Patient

PPGNHAIKPatient Recruitment / Brand Engagement Campaign (2017 – 2020)

Abigail Echo-Hawk’s story


In 2017, I brought our creative strategy in-house, working collaboratively with vendors across our multi-state affiliate to develop a patient recruitment advertising campaign, “Supporter & Patient.”

I developed and directed the campaign, managing a large creative team across 4-states including: contractors for customer research; photography; videography; and audio engineering. 

In 2018, we traveled across our 4-state region to engage Planned Parenthood supporters in discussion sessions, reviewing the Supporter & Patient campaign, it’s materials and the idea of being a patient as a way to show support. The insights were invaluable and informed a second iteration of the campaign along with other patient engagement efforts.

Supporter & Patient utilized various marketing avenues:

  • Print and digital advertising
  • Out of home
  • Video 
  • Radio
  • And social media

This broad approach helped us reach our audience of insured Planned Parenthood supporters who choose us as their sexual health care provider as a way to support the organization.


Catherine & Justin’s story


Jes’s Story – 30 second Radio Spot (English)
Alex’s Story – 30 second Radio Spot (Spanish)


  • Nathan Engebretson, PPGNAHIK Director of Brand & Marketing
  • Tashi Ko, Creative Consultant (Non-White Works)
  • Reid Kuennen, Videographer (WA)
  • Jessica Rycheal, Photographer (WA)
  • Ash Adams, Photographer (AK)
  • Lianne Rozzelle, Photographer (HI)
  • Tamara Kenyon, Photographer (ID)