Rush Project Video Diary: Day #5

Shit, I look tired in this video… Oh well, It’s day #5!!! The weekend has been way less dramatic… than earlier this week. Today I talk about time-tracking and what it means to your bottom line.

Thanks again to all of you watching, I’ve noticed things quieting down the last couple days and suspect that this could be that all of you are out enjoying your weekend! :) Believe me or not, for all the stress of the past 5 days, I’ve still been having a blast!

Rush Project Tip of the day: High stress at the start of a project is easier to manage than stress near the end of a project!


  1. Sounds like things are going smoothly. There will probably be another rush of panic/stress on the final day.

    A question, for the sake of asking a question – and maybe you’ll want to wait until it’s released before you let us know, but can you give us a technical rundown – what theme you’re working with (or theme framework), if any. What plugins you’re using. Did you have to make any of your own plugins?

  2. Hi Liz,

    I’ve been thinking of questions to ask ever since you started and I finally have a couple!

    Regarding your process, I’m not sure if you send wire frames or mood boards with regular projects. If you do, how do you handle them for a rush projects? Basically, I’d like to know if you omit anything from your normal process.

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