It's Christmas in June!

It was a very big week for me, I am finally moving forward on a much needed upgrade for my office. A new Mac Book Pro and my very own shiny new copy of Adobe CS5 Design Premium! I put the order in and today (just a few moments ago,) the first package arrived. (see photo above, this is not a pose – I was seriously THAT excited.)

I’m still only in the early stages of my business — I’ve been reluctant to spend, in favor of growing capital and it’s been tight. It feels good to finally reward all my long hours and hard work with new tools (toys!) that are going to make my work that much more enjoyable.


  1. Congrats!

    If there’s one thing you can learn from your clients it’s, you need to spend money to make money. Consider it a great investment.

  2. Wow I want to know all the details on InDesign and how well you can backsave files. Some of the PS filters or brushes look amazing. I will be following your posts on this one for sure. has links to your site but they all seem to be dead. Have you checked out

    Thanks –

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