Did You Know I Make A Podcast?

It’s 2011 — CMD+Shift Design is almost 3 years old now and things are going well. I admit, I have gotten out of the groove with this blog, but I am still creating content! If you haven’t already you should be listening to Pagebreak Podcast.

Pagebreak is a podcast I started back in August with Niki Brown from the DesignOBlog. Niki and I spend our spare time reading a book about design, development, freelance or marketing and then at the end of each month we record a discussion on it! Throughout the month, we send out short-format shows where we read a blog post targeted to our industry and give our 2cents on it. We release something for you every Wednesday, so subscribe via RSS or on iTunes!

I am so glad we started doing the show and I have been having a lot of fun work on it. Our goals for the show in 2011 include revamping the website, having guests on Snippets from time to time, including our listeners more, and getting better at SPEAKING without saying like, ya know, kinda like or ummm… so much!