Design Strategy for Nerds.

This week was my second one-on-one mentorship meeting with Marie Poulin as I go into my second month of Digital Strategy School. This month is all about Positioning, a subject my business is struggling with. The copy on my site as of today is not cutting it, it is vague and does not truly convey the service that I offer.

So that’s the question — what DO I offer? What sets me apart from all the talented designers out there? What makes CMD+Shift Design special and why would a business or organization choose to work with me? While talking with Marie today, I think I may have hit on something that will help me answer these questions.

I told Marie that I enjoy working with people who are passionately excited about growing their businesses. Sure, all entrepreneurs want to be successful — but I’m looking for something different than that. Beyond the excitement for success what about those of us who are crazy excited about our work beyond what might be considered “normal”? What about those of us… who are …nerds? geeks? The one’s who when asked about the new things going on in your industry can go off on a tangent for hours with enthusiasm. The one’s who are excited to learn more. You’re my people!

With this new discovery, I am tasked with reworking my website copy – which is a daunting task, so if anyone with actual writing skills wants to offer up some help, you know where to find me. How do I speak to my future clients out there who are geeks within their industries? How do I convey that the key service offering when working with CMD+Shift Design is having a Design Geek (that would be me) in your corner? How do I write copy that is going to both sound professional, yet is also basically saying “OMG FOLKS! LETS GEEK OUT TOGETHER ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS!!!”?

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