365: Examining My Life As A Designer

For those of you who don’t know what a 365 project – it an exercise in recording a photo, drawing, or video every single day for an entire year. It’s a big commitment to take on and I started mine at the first of 2009.

Just in these first 31 days I’ve had moments of thinking “I don’t want to take any more photos,” but I keep going and I feel like it is a really valuable exercise, that any creative professional could benefit from – weather you’re a photographer, designer, writer… recording something from the word around you or your world within every single day forces you to take a close look at all times, and examine you life more closely.

This project is really for myself — I am by no means a “photographer,” for me it’s more of a document of my year. But, I’m like a lot of creatives who tend to be voyeuristic by nature, so I find it really interesting to follow other peoples 365’s  — if you want to follow me through the remaining 334 days left in 2009 – Check out my 365 on Flickr.

And for you? It’s not to late to start yours!

Some of my favorite images from January 2009

1/365 - Seattle New Years '09

2/365 - Hope = Pepsi or Obama?

17/365 - Pink Godzilla

25/365 - Pressing Tofu

29/365 - Helvetica

31/365 - Dead Crow on the Street


  1. @ rob

    i know, right? I passed by it just this morning, looked like it hadnt been dead for more than a couple hours. Sad… but also way cool.

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