My Web Design Toolbox

I have a few things that I use on every web project that really makes the project efficient for me, thought I’d just share a few of those things with you guys!


Go here to download templates of 12 and 16 column grids for designing or coding. The PSD’s in this download have become the first thing I open when starting a new site design!

Browser Elements

I use to open up a broswer and screen capture all kinds of elements when i needed them for a design mock up, then i came across this super helpful PSD download that gives you input fields, pointers, buttons and many other useful elements!


There are a few tools I use when making decisions on the typesetting in my website layouts. CSSTypeset helps you to quickly exxperiement with different line-heights, letter spacing, and font sizes without having to put a hand to one line of CSS.

I regularly use the Lorem Ipsum Generator as well as this HTML Ipsum site. The “Kitchen Sink” text on the later is something I use in ALL my design comps, because I am able to style all of the possible text elements my client might be using within one page layout so we can see how they interact with one another!


Lastly, even if the design I am working on doesn’t have much textural elements – this site is a lesser known gem! CG Textures has so many textures, colors and just some cool images that could inspire you in your project!


  1. I started using the 960 grid system recently and have simply fallen in love with it. The browser elements were a really useful new find for me. Thanks!

  2. I also work with the 960 grid system, it’s one of my best discoveries in years. I’ll definitely have a look at the browser elements too, I’ve been looking for something like this. Thanks for sharing!

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