Office Pets and their Creative Humans!

I asked some fellow designers, developers, and freelancers to show off their furry office mates and got a great response! :) This post is in dedication to my furry little man Cthulhu, who is now taking the big cat nap in the sky. He was the greatest cat on the planet, a loving and hilarious office mate. He was part of my personal BRAND and is very missed! Here’s to you, Cthulhu! (hey, that rhymed!)

Are you ready for cute overload?! Here we go…

Minny & Freda

Their Human: Eleana (Eleana Whitesell Design) “Freda has definitely sent out a stray tweet or two, and I’m constantly undoing some actions she’s managed to accomplish by walking across the keyboard or trying to sleep on my laptop—she’s also the reason I’m missing my F1 key! I get frustrated with them in my workspace sometimes, but I’m also really lucky and happy I have office mates that don’t play annoying music and can’t talk back. ;)”


Her Human: Niki Brown (DesignOBlog) “My kitty keeps my feet warm when im freelancing early in the morning or late at night. She also keeps my taste in type in check – as she has exquisite typographical taste.”

Noodle & Mr Po

Their Human: Rowan (Roweena Web Design) “Love my kitties, keep me company when freelancing from home.”


Her Human: Dani (Hot Glue Media) “The real project manager in the office, Boo is great at letting me know that it’s time for a break”


His Human: Corinne (Cordesign) “He was a little feral at first because when my husband caught Loki, he decided to give my husband a nasty bite. Eventually he grows up to be a sweetheart. Granted, he can get a little rough when we’re playing but he’s feral no more!”

Izzy (short for Iztastic)

Her Human: Emil Wisch (Write Click Boom) “Izzy is a beagle-boston terrier mix. Coolest dog alive. She’s spunky. She really is like a child to us. My wife and I are pretty much obsessed with our dog. If she was a part of your life, you would be just as obsessed.”

Wiggles & Giggles

Their Human: Travis King (Green Tea Design) “My wife named our cats. Don’t look at me that way!”


Her Human: Mia (Mia Lynn Lee Design) “Sugar likes to work with me.”


Her Human: John Visser (Blue Moon Design) “She meows when the color scheme doesn’t work.”


His Human: Nick Sergent (Nick Sergent Web Development) “Energy of a 10 month old puppy in a 100lb package (literally).”

Russell & Nacho

Their Human:  James (James Olstein Design) “I have two Russell and Nacho. Russell (the white one) growls like a mountain lion when I fire up the Epson printer for client mock ups. Nacho (the grey) has tried multiple times to type his own HTML into my projects, with his butt. They’re still the best two officemates I’ve ever had.”


Her Human: Laura Earley (Laura Earley Design) “She lays next to my feet while I work during the day/night/all night and is always ready to play outside when I need a break. I love her company, and when I’m being grumpy about a deadline, she’s always there to lick my face and snap me out of my funk.”


His Human: Jeff Golenski (Midnight Shift Studio) “plays fetch, likes feet, eats fruit-rollups.”


His Human: Todd Garland (BuySellAds) “He’s chillin, always up for having fun playing and always up for just sitting around.”


Her Human: Christine Swinimer (Simple Complexity Designs) “A great supervisor although tends to fall asleep on the job. Is ready to cheer me on when needed and reminds me that break time is good! Love her! :)”


Her Human: Melissa Klotz (Delicious Design) “Having her in the office is a delight because it forces me to get out of my chair and take her for a walk in the park. Essentially she’s helping me rest my eyes, get some fresh air, and boost productivity and creativity! She brings a smile to my face and comforts me on those stressful days where you just want to shut the computer down and take a nap.”


Her Human: Amanda Hawkins (Ahhh Design) “I was never a cat person but Muffin showed up in our backyard and never left! She’s rotten, meows constantly and I totally fell for her.”


  1. Too…cute….resistance..fading….WHO’Z DA CUTEST WITTLE KITTIEHZ AND PUPPEHZ?! YEZ Y’ALL IZ! YEZ Y’ALL IZ!!….dammit. I was hoping to avoid that!

    Such a cute post!

  2. @Rob :) Nice.

    @Liz I like how it all came out. Thanks for paying homage to those who keep us sane. I like your Iztastic photo choice.


  3. Thanks for including us! This was a fun post, I’m was happy to see I’m not the only one with furry counterparts. A great tribute to your little man, too.

  4. My pets are what keeping me going an focused during the day. I work best with a puppy or kitty on my lap. Thanks for including Parker and I!

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