Rush Project Video Diary: Day #3

It’s Day 3 and I am still here! :)

First and foremost, thank you to all of you who’re following me along on this, it’s been fun sharing the process and I hope that some of this is valuable to some of you! If anything, the hats and do-rags I use to cover my bed head are amusing! :) If you’re interested in hearing stories about crazy work schedules from other freelancers, I have a whole post dedicated to it! Freelancers, You Can Sleep When You’re Dead!

Everyone should check out the WordPress Theme Framework Kyle left a comment about yesterday, called Thematic, download and save this for jump starting your next theme project!

Today I talk about designing for web with weak identity systems. We have all had to do it and sometimes it’s a fun challenge… a similar issue effecting freelance web designers, Coding Designs That Are Not Your Own (namely bad ones.)

Rush Project Tip of the day: Creating good design is more remarkable than sleep.

Oh …and in case you were wondering, YES! I did set 2 alarms last night.


    1. Marie: I have a standard Rush Fee – which I explain in Video #4. The rush fee for me is more about the extra pain-in-ass factor of working fast, sacrificing nights and weekends.. but I account for the actual time the project will take in the project price itself.

      Madeline: It’s true – my preference is to let things evolve slower, but sometimes you have to be able to bang things out quickly! :) I follow up with you question in video #4… and I hope i said your name right, is it pronounced “MAD-i-LINE” or “MAD-i-Lyn”?

  1. Good luck! I hope you deliver a high quality project on time. I still think it’s best for design projects not to be rushed, though; sometimes I have to take a break for a day or two so that I can see the design from a new perspective when I get back to work.

    Have you ever had a project that you originally wanted to do, but ended up declining because of the weak branding?

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