Rush Project Video Diary: Day #2 (Part 2)

A wrench was thrown in the project this afternoon! I jumped on YouStream to make a live update to this weeks Rush Project Video Diary. CRAZY! This video was done in a dark room on my iSight, it looks and sounds BAD – but, it was an experiment! :)If you don’t want to struggle though this crappy video, I will recap in my Day #3 Video tomorrow!

Thanks everyone for following me on this roller coaster, all your comments and tweets really brighten my day!


  1. Have to say that I’m enjoying this video series – great and helpful idea!

  2. kyle says:

    Having had to design some sites with horrible horrible identity, this sounds like a great “surprise”. I think it is for the same reason I like working on a Mac – it’s easier to make well designed things when you’re surrounded by well designed things.

    1. it’s like cooking with bad ingredients… not that i cook… but… you know.

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