Rush Project Video Diary: Day #7

It is day #7! Recorded this video this afternoon – trying to pump things up a bit today, I think the last couple videos have been slowing dowwwnnn.. SO – Today I talk about best practices when rushing a job. Honesty is always the best policy! Let your other clients know what is going on and give your client reasonable expectations for their fast turnaround!

Rush Project Tip of the day: Clients don’t want “YES”, they want honestly!

+ News in after video was made today – the launch had to be pushed to Thursday because of a PR issue – so we got another day people, HANG ON! :)


  1. Hey Liz,

    I have a question for you… do you have any other client work happening concurrently with this project?
    I would find it extremely difficult to block off a full week for just one client, without having other client requests to deal with!
    Do you usually take on one client at a time, or do you manage multiple projects or have clients that tend to have ongoing work?
    Just a curiosity from another web designer who tends to take on way too many projects at once…

    Congrats on what seems like a really smooth rush job!

  2. Hi

    You are so right about clients wanting honesty. It is all about professionalism which is vital in freelancing – as in all business.


    1. @marie: haha – its hard to juggle, just got to be honest with all your clients and give them reasonable expectations. also – if you are already SWAMPED and struggling to keep up with our current projects, a rush may not be a good idea. You have to be able to make that call – it is tough cause the extra $ is nice, but ultimately – you don’t want to set yourself up to let down the client!

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