Back to Work and Looking Ahead

Happy New Year everyone! The last weeks been a big mess, so I just thought I’d check in and let you all know what’s happening.  After the last month of endless holiday and end of year obligations, I returned home last week with a little more than a few gifts, I had a nasty cold that knocked me on my butt for the whole week and the homepage of my portfolio site had been interjected with some malicious code and blacklisted by Google.


Well, I was able to get my site back on Googles good side. I found and eliminated the code — which luckily was only on ONE page of my portfolio site and hadn’t effected any of the WordPress blog. Since none of the other sites hosted on my server were effected, I believe the attack was most likely allowed through by a weakness in a certain 3rd party statistics service I have been using. I’ve quit using the suspected service and am keeping a close eye on things around here. Changed my account passwords, etc, etc. For all the stress and headache of having my site offline was, once I logged into Googles Webmaster’s Tools and alerted them that the issue had been resolved, it only took about 6 hours for my site to be out of quarantine. (Not too bad.)

New Office Chair! After all this, today I am back to work. I have a new office chair which is proving to be very comfortable! (I wish I had invested in this a long time ago!) Later this week I’ll start back up on more regular posting… maybe even a video (since I got a new snazzy camera now too!)


  1. You know…I need to get myself a nice chair? =P

    I just use an old school chair with a pad so it doesn’t hurt my backside after long periods of being on the PC. You’ve got quite the work station.

    I too caught a cold…and a stomach virus. Threw up everything I had the previous day and was dead tired the day I caught the bug. Couldn’t even use my Python book to gain insight into programming… :(

    At least I’m feeling better now, good to see you’re back.

  2. Glad youre feeling better Daquan!

    I suggest you get a new chair! I too was using a hard chair with a seat pad for a LONG time, and it wasn’t until I sat down in the new office chair that I really saw what a difference a chair can make!

  3. What chair did you choose, Liz? I need one too, but they seem to jump from cheap crap to second-mortgage with very little in between.

    1. It’s nothing too fancy (the prices on some chairs do seem outrageous!) Mines by Realspace and it retails for $400, but since its a 2008 model I got it on reduced price for $160, which is an insanely sweet deal! :)

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