The Secret to getting Free Paper Samples for you Home Office

I'm a paper nerd.

I didn’t realize this was a secret, but when I posted a photo today of the paper samples I got in the mail, enough people emailed, DM’d, @ Messaged and commented to make me think maybe it wasn’t common knowledge. How do you get a library of paper samples for your home office? It’s REALLY EASY — check out my video below for the (not anymore) secret! ;)


  1. “The Alchemy of Loss” is a simple yet gorgeous design. The worst I have seen of what you have in your portfolio is probably (or actually is) better than anything I can probably come up with…ever. I am an aspiring web designer and have toyed with design tools (programs) for some time. I am a musician at heart (though I don’t make a living at it) and appreciate art in any form.

    I am aware it is rather easy to be a critic of anything we bump into, whether we love or hate a work, independently of us having or lacking abilities ourselves.

    I am extremely pick…selective with anything that enters my world and as true as it is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I think we all know good or great when we see or hear it. And that, is my compliment to you.


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