Print Design

OK Soda

During a Facebook discussion thread today about Charles Burns, someone mentioned OK Soda — which I had NEVER HEARD OF, but now have an intense fascination with.

OK was a Coca-Cola product in the early 1990’s that never moved beyond it’s test release to reach a national audience. The can designs (done in collaboration with Wieden & Kennedy) are just awesome and a lot of the marketing tactics used to introduce it must have been downright bizarre for 1993 — but in todays social online world, seem pretty smart. OK. That’s all.

Still A Print Nerd

Yes, I now specialize in Web Design, but my roots are in print and I do still LOVE it. One of the most exciting parts of print work is when you actually SEE the physical piece for the first time!

Client cards with UV Spot coating

These cards where printed by a small shop in Bowling Green, Kentucky called Dave’s Printing (chosen by my client,) and they did a wonderful job. My favorite part is the subtle pattern we over layed on the front of the card. That was accomplished with doing a 2% Cool Gray transarency spot and then a UV Spot coating over top. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!