OK Soda

During a Facebook discussion thread today about Charles Burns, someone mentioned OK Soda — which I had NEVER HEARD OF, but now have an intense fascination with. OK was a Coca-Cola product in the early 1990’s that never moved beyond it’s test release to reach a national audience. The can designs (done in collaboration with Wieden & Kennedy) are… Continue reading OK Soda

Still A Print Nerd

Yes, I now specialize in Web Design, but my roots are in print and I do still LOVE it. One of the most exciting parts of print work is when you actually SEE the physical piece for the first time! These cards where printed by a small shop in Bowling Green, Kentucky called Dave’s Printing… Continue reading Still A Print Nerd

This Is Broken

If you design things, or you just want a little chuckle — watch Seth Godin’s TED talk titled, “This Is Broken” Seth Godin at Gel 2006 from Gel Conference on Vimeo.