I'm Such A Character!

I recently worked with local Seattle Illustrator (and good friend,) Kendal Tull Esterbrook on creating a portrait of me to use for promotional materials… Twitter background, online profiles, etc. She was a joy to work with and the end result ended up exceeding my expectations! Her style and attention to detail helped produce this image that I have been SO EXCITED to show off!

Portrait Illustration for Self-Promotion

What really excited me about what Kendal put together is she took some of the aspects of my “look” really distinguish me — my bangs, my cat-eye glasses, my black clothes, my wristband and used them to turn me into a character! It boils me down to an iconic image that communicates who I am in a more easily recognizable way that a photograph (which can often be deceiving.) How cool is that? Turning myself into a character proved itself to be more than just a novelty yesterday when I had a coffee shop meeting with a new client. She looked my way and immediately exclaimed “Liz! You look exactly like your Twitter icon, it’s spot on!”



  1. This deserves more comments…I’m really liking this, hell, I might even try it myself one day. The illustration is beautiful and the city background fades out so smoothly. You look so cool yet so calm and collective, great illustration for sure.

    1. isn’t that hair technique awesome? ..and while Kendal, i know is traditionally a guys name.. this Kendal is a lady :)

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