What is Art?

Art, at least art as i define it, is the intentional act of using your humanity to create a change in another person. – Seth Godin, Linchpin (page 99)



  1. That’s an excellent quote. Art has different purposes to me. There’s the work that’s thought provoking or sends a message about anything from mundane to serious topics.

    Then there’s art that visualizes events, stories and characters — as in character design or concept art.

    I know there’s plenty more but I wanted to focus on 2 I’m most familiar with.

  2. Super true.

    Reminds me of when I cried at one of my tutors when I was studying design that I couldn’t draw. She told me that everyone can draw and everyone can draw well. It’s all subjective. I usually cite David Shrigley as proof of this.

    1. it reminded me of defending my thesis in my senior year of art school. I had written a dedication of it to my mother who I cited as “the most creative woman i know.” One of my instructors asked “Is you’re mother a painter? A sculptor?” I replied, “No. A homemaker… and a loan officer at a credit union.” They looked slightly confused, but it made perfect sense to me. Before my mom moved onto doing loans at her Credit Union and was on the line as a teller, customers used to come in and wait in line for HER – even when other tellers lines were open. She delivered customer service to them that they were willing to wait for, anyone who has worked in a direct to customer position, knows.. that’s art!

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