My Client is Getting Married Online

I’m totally serious!

One of my dear friends and clients, Seattle Wedding Photographer Laura Marchbanks won a contest last month that was put on by another Seattle company (and another client of mine!) CreativeLive! They were hosting a contest for a free wedding, so that they could broadcast it live and make the process part of a photography course taught online by Jasmine Star.

(I know, crazy huh?)

Laura & Billy's Wedding Invites

It was just a couple weeks ago when I got a frantic call from Laura asking for help with her invitations, the two of us have worked together on marketing for her Photography company so she was confident I would be able to quickly tune into what she wanted on the invite and get her something that she loved. We talked about the style she was after and after about 8 emails back and forth and less than 2 hours we had the design done and sent off to the printer. (That is NOT a normal turnaround, but Laura was putting this wedding together in 4 weeks with the team that CreativeLive compiled, and I was happy to have her back and be a part of this awesome experience!)

So this evening, I will be headed to celebrate Laura and Billy and you can check out the whole thing yourself, cause it will be happening live online at


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