Dear Steve Jobs, Bring Matte back!

Dear Steve Jobs,

As a designer, I was really concerned when I learned that Apple was eliminating it’s option for matte screens on its MacBook Pros. I’m sure you are aware that with a highly reflective screen it is near impossible to view accurate color and that is something that is very important to anyone working in the creative industries (especially graphic design and photography.) Us creative professionals have been a loyal customer base to Apple for so long, why would they alienate us in this way? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Now, I understand that Apples more casual user/consumer find the glossy screen appealing, it’s kinda pretty! But why not give us a choice? I bought my Macbook Pro about 2 years ago and was asked to select which screen surface I wanted. I chose matte, specifically because I knew it was something that was necessary to help me do my work in the most accurate and efficient way. My Macbook Pro is a tool, probably the most important tool in my office and I need it to work for me.

A Mac User (for now),
Liz Andrade

So Steve Jobs, I’m posting this to try and get a dialog started. Are you angry about this? Leave a comment and voice your thoughts. Send your thoughts to Apple via their product feedback form. If you have a blog, I urge you to write your own letter to Steve Jobs and ask him to “Bring Matte Back!!!”


  1. Thanks for spreading the message! Let’s hope boss-man Steve listens to all of this feedback and gives us a matte screen option.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you any more Liz! I actually shed a tear when I heard the news :(

    Seriously though, it was a huge mistake on their part…When the newer iMacs first came out and lost their matte screens, Steve said in his keynote “artists and photographers are gonna love these new screens”…*too bad our clients wont :/

  3. I don’t particularly care for macs but they are good machines for work in graphics, video, etc etc. Really the only reason I would ever consider owning one would be for that purpose. It’s an incredibly bone headed, unless you can only have matte screens produced by ukrainian child labor or a an angel riding a unicorn has to be shot for materials.

  4. Seriously. It’s a pain to work with all of those reflections. Looks like we might have to get a Dell or Samsung monitor for 1/4 the cost of an Apple Cinema Display. :)

  5. @joshua I use a Dell monitor in my office and LOVE IT! (same picture quality as an apple display at a fraction the cost!) But, if I’m working on my laptop, I cannot deal with that gloss.

  6. Stupid move Apple! Apple used to be a company for a very small minority with a cult following of intelligent, successful geeks (in a good way because I am one of them) Now, the company is changing its course because of what they believe is consumer demand……I miss the days when you could walk up to any mac user in a coffee shop and have a connection. Now, since everyone and their mom has one because they think that “its cool,” the company is losing some of its core base. Bring Matte back.

  7. It is really disappointing that Apple took something that is a highly personal preference and made a unilateral decision. I remember noticing a few years back that many PC laptops were moving to glossy screens, and I thought to myself, “Thank God Apple will never do away with matte screens because of all the creative folks that would be upset by this.”

    I was absolutely shocked to hear that glossy is the only option. I find it even more upsetting that Steve casually dismisses questions about the subject saying, “We find people prefer the glossy screens”.

    I’ve asked everyone I know about this, and not a single person has said they prefer the glossies. The ones who aren’t enraged by the shift to glossy say that they simply don’t care and have no opinion one way or another.

    I truly hope that Apple brings back matte as an option in the next year or two. Otherwise when my current MacBook Pro is wearing out, I will be truly up a creek.

  8. @Scott Same here, I havent met anyone who is excited about the glossy screen decision. I urge you to use the link in my post to send Apple your thoughts on this matter.

    Thanks for reading!

  9. Alright, I’m going to bite. I don’t get it. I’m sitting here typing on my new aluminium MacBook. I’ve been reading the forum posts about the screen, which isn’t as good as the early 2008 MacBook Pro I agree but then I’m not really going to use the MacBook for anything more than browsing, writing, and a bit of web development.

    I have been using my iMac 24″ for Lightroom and Photoshop and love the screen this seems to translate perfectly well to the Samsung Monitors that are in the office.

    What is the problem with screen?

  10. I need to replace my 6 year old iMac, but I can’t live with a glossy screen. So my only hope is that those arrogant twats in Cupertino will come to their senses and bring the matte screen option back to the iMac soon. Yes, I am angry!

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