30 Highly Creative Blog Design Layouts

Today I got an excited email from one of my recent clients when he saw that his Game Development Studio’s newly launched blog was featured at the Spyre Studios site among one of my other blog designs and 28 other killer creative works! This blog design was completed the week after my vacation as many of you joined me through my week long Rush Project Video Diary. It’s always a good feeling to know your hard work paid off, I’m happy, the client is happy, and I’ve got some encouraging feedback from the design community! :) I love my job!


  1. I was wondering if you had already posted a link to the finished project! I guess I missed the tweet or something. Anyway, the blog design is wonderful! I especially love the way you display the meta information.

    Congrats on having your work featured!

  2. I hate these sorts of lists (that just post sites with no commentary), but congrats none the less. I was wondering if I’d missed out on your posting of the domain too.

    What did you use for the base of your theme? Sandbox? Starkers? Would love a post on some of the plugins you used, etc.

    1. It would be nice to see the author add even a sentence of two on why each design was chosen! These lists are sometimes fun to see, and sometimes you get the impression they were done because it was a fast way to get a post up. (I’ve done it myself!)

  3. I’ll admit that 50 Excellent Spa Websites might be handy if I’m doing a website for a spa, but I’d prefer to just go to a CSS Gallery of some sort, and be able to search by spa website. The list posts just strike me as ways to drive traffic to your site.

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